Wrinkles disappear


Water peeling

 Gentle peeling and oil and dirt removal

Gentle vibrations will cleanse your pores of dirt and debris with water.  This step help remove dead skin cells to make your skin both clear and clean.

Ion Treatment

Nutrient absorbency and sonic massage

 Ions penetrate nutrients deep into the skin and microcurrent treatment on the surface of the skin gives you a luminous glow,

Light Therapy

Skin- soothing effects and improved elasticity

Blue(470nm) & Red (624nm) Light treatment refreshes and revitalizes exhausted skin

Blue: Reduce visible signs of aging and sagging skin

Red: Skin rejuvenation treatment

Gold Therapy

Skin beautifying and youthful glow

Gold massage maximizes light-therapy results to achieve glossy skin

Ion Activation

Positive and negative ions

The ions with be activated by placing your hand along the gold contact strips

Custom infused creams

Also available custom creams for your face infused with voltimetric signatures- These creams are a added fee not included in service