what is remote work?

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What is subspace or remote Biofeedback work?

"Distance" or "Subspace/Remote" Biofeedback sessions are often used when the client does not live close, or needs a sessions while on vacation,work,etc.  This is done by entering in the demografic's screen all the clients information.  These kind of treatments are possible because energy seeks to find the vibration that matches it's own.  Space and time are of no consideration and as the matching vibration is located, the re-balancing can them happen.  Being able to scan and balance a individual from anywhere in the world is an unfathomable idea, yet time after time, it has been shown to work with great accuracy, for example Penny would do treatments on her father while he would be in the Bahamas and she was in Colorado.  When a individual is born they have a very specific energy about them which makes them truly distinct in the quantum world, it is called a "biological signature".  By Penny entering your full name, date of birth, place of birth the treatments can take effect and find the individual anywhere in the quantum world.  This process is similar to dialing up someone on a mobile phone or sending a text, e-mail, subspace allows Penny to dial into the individual at any time with their permission and run treatments.  Some amazing results have happened including conditions of major stress reduction, calmness, etc.