products for you

CBD lotions

do you have aches and pains? Try this lotion and see what happens

CDB salve

Same CBD product just in a salve

CBD oil

Same CBD product just in a oil roll on

Face creams and oils

wrinkle cream

infused with biofeedback frequencies

wrinkle oil

oil infused with wrinkle reducing and biofeedback frequencies

wrinkle butter

same biofeedback frequencies in a thicker butter base

Products I use and recommend

Aegea Energy Products

These products are like you wearing the energy frequencies from my biofeedback!

please go to

Nitric Oxide


EMF shield

Freshness Hologram

Quantum card


Voxxlife socks and insoles

I wear these socks and soles daily-I truely have seen miracles in what they can do for people-for pain,neuropathy,balance etc, please do contact me for more info-THESE ARE LIFE CHANGING FOR PEOPLE!

Young Living Oils   please use my member number when ordering #1289913

I recommend and use Young Living OIls-you can clean up your body,home and spirit with the one and only seed to seal oil that is available!


This is a great Health monitoring device that you can customize and add apps, just like you can for your smart phone!  You can monitor your blood sugar trend!  Many more apps and more keep coming-check it out!

I use all of these products and love them

Bio Zen 

We are damaging our DNA with devices-now they have a product that you can stick on your device and protect your family!

Bio Mat,Bio Belt and the Mini mat 

are what I use and love, if you would be interested in purchasing any of these Ridgeway products just get with me and I can help get you set up

Scaler Wave Lasers

For more info on ordering a laser and probes get with me and I can get you set up.