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Now hosting a Holistic Therapies  Wellness Fair for a "taster of Modalities" from different practitioners in the area.  This clinic is Every last Saturday of the month at the Hygiene Methodist Church Fellowship Hall which is at  7542 Hygiene Road, Hygiene, Colorado 80503   I have different practitioners coming in each month doing 20 min mini sessions for ten dollars, these are to introduce you to different Holistic therapies that are available to you for a fraction of the price of treatments in their offices. NOTICE -this is a list of what people come but are not there each month, to know the monthly list get on the email send out each month

Dates of the fair are as listed 2019  ,  Dec-28   The hours are 9-4  $10.00 for each 20 minute session.

 All fairs will always be the last Saturday of each month-practitioners vary each month

 Practitioners vary each month but here are some that come each month 

Penny Trevithick's -Genius Biofeedback measures frequencies and then determines the responses based upon certain deviations from a standard normal range. It is done by employing a patented voice analysis software. The program contains thousands and thousands of energetic frequencies and signatures ranging from herbs, emotions, homeopathic's virus activity, auric field disturbances, chakra and acupuncture imbalances to name a few. The voice is also broken down using FFT algorithm and then the analysis is essentially comparing the frequency of said item against the single frequency of the voice tone. It then looks for discrepancies in terms of the pitches, thoughts etc. of the comparison between the two items and then translated into a numerical value. The highest and lowest numbers indicate the highest probability of disturbance

Penny Trevithick -Body Charger Changes out the Positive Ions and replaces them with Negative Ions promoting Alpha brain waves and increase the brainwaves and increases the amplitude. Due to our broad exposure to positively charged environments and exposure to electronics, synthetic building materials, clothing, duck work, fumes, etc . We are a society wracked by allergies, depression, sleepiness, tension, intestinal parasites and suppressed immune functioning. The body charger has been known to strengthen and energize the body as well as provide relief from physical discomfort. It has been reported to support the purifying of the blood, lungs, and intestinal tract as well as revive cellular and glandular function and overall immune support by purging negative ions in your body which revitalizes and strengthens the bodies bio-electrical fields, and also increases your bodies level of serotonin to such a high state it is believed to induce spiritual healing

 Penny Trevithick  Wrinkle reducing treatments-this unique machine --water peels off the oil and dirt first, then has a sonic massage, light therapy and gold therapy and ion activation—This treatment is a double session if you want your whole face done which is then 20.00 but it is for 40 min. otherwise for twenty min session we can do top of hands—product is available for purchase   

 Miriah Wachholtz-Modality is the PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Field  therapy, which is the future of pain relief, it can regenerate damaged and diseased tissue by working at a cellular level to heal the body, it can repair torn tendons and fractured bones, opens and dilates the arteries and capillaries, and increase cellular level of oxygen to the body

Miriah Wachholtz's Bio Mats deliver the highest vibrational resonance deeply into all body tissues.  The combination of Far Infrared light, negative ions, and amethyst quartz opens the channels for intelligent cellular communications leading to DNA repair and total body wellness.  These rays penetrate 6-8" into the body, they not only benefit the skin, muscle tissue on the surface but penetrate deeper in the tissues, lymph glands, blood vessels, nerves and key organs

Miriah Wachholtz Bio Belt delivers the highest vibrational resonance deeply into all body tissues. The combination of Far Infrared light, negative ions, and amethyst quartz opens the channels for intelligent cellular communications leading to DNA repair and total body wellness. These rays penetrate 6-8" into the body, they not only benefit the skin, muscle tissue on the surface but penetrate deeper in the tissues, lymph glands, blood vessels, nerves and key organs

Miriah Wachholtz  Ionic Body Balancer foot bath is a highly effective DRUG FREE Therapy cleansing and stimulates the Lymphatic System allowing it to maximize T-Cell production for the Immune System.  Think of it as weight training for your Immune System!  Ionic Cleansing using ANALOG Ionic energy is the least invasive and most effective method that gently relieves stressors in the body that can cause any type of illness. Ionic cleansing creates a  feeling of well being throughout the entire body.  Ionic cleansing and colon cleansing is the key to wellness and fighting disease, by helping the body remove toxins and free radicals.   This continues for 24-48 hours, so you must drink plenty of water. The Center for Disease Control reports that up to 85% of all illness are caused by toxins and pollutants in our bodies. The human body functions best when the ions are balanced at 80% negative and 20% positive.It is true that some detox material will be drawn from the 2000+ pores of the feet and end up in the spa water, but that pales by comparison to the amount of detoxification taking place INSIDE the body by the Immune System and Lymph System (which drains into the GI Tract). In other words, the greasy nasty toxic material drawn from the feet, which floats on the water, is perhaps 10% of the total detox activity our machine causes to happen.

Diane Brennan is one of the best body workers I have ever seen and been worked on by.  She can do more for your bones and muscles and alignment that anyone I have ever seen! She can pull the fascia away from your bones and that then frees them up to be flexible and move as we are intended to do, tightened/shortened muscles cause muscular imbalances around joints and vertebrae, creating structural imbalances and nerve entrapments throughout the body. This asymmetry not only increases degeneration (aging), but the resulting nerve entrapment's place the nervous system in a hypersensitive state, causing an amplification of the pain response. Called “Cannon’s Law of Denervation,” it says muscle contraction(s) may be the primary cause of many chronic pain syndromes, due to their strong influence on the nervous system. She will help educate you on proper standing, walking, and sitting positions.
Now selling her DVD on how to move Body Temple Awareness   only $10.00

Body Restoration  soft tissue specialist
2055 S. County Rd 5  Berthod Colorado     970-744-0151

Dr. Felicia Santelli  The main focus of Dr. Felicia’s work is assisting you to strengthen your Immune System. At Santelli Healing Center, Dr. Felicia offers the best in alternative and vibrational medicine to reactivate the energy and vitality of your body. Her practice has a strong emphasis on the dynamic relationship of body, mind, spirit, and recognizes that events in our lives and emotional states are mirrored in physical bodily changes. Dr. Felicia is passionate about educating, guiding, and monitoring clients in their own wellness program, giving them the knowledge and power to take control of their own lives and well-being. 
303 652-6042   Dr. Felicia Santelli, L.A  

Lynn Murnahan -Cranio Sacral Therapy is known to treat and improve numerous health conditions including:Asthma , Autism, Central Nervous System Disorders, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Neck and Back Pain, Chronic Sinus Problems, Colic, Emotional Difficulties, Fibromyalgia and other Connective-Tissue Disorders, Infantile Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Migraine Headaches, Motor-Coordination Impairment, Neurovascular or Immune Disorders, Orthopedic Problems, Post-Surgical Dysfunction,Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Pre- and post-operative care, Scoliosis, Stress and Tension-Related Problems, Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ), Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
720-438-9511   Longmont, CO 80503  www.lynnmurnahan.com

Kurt Janz - Kurt is a seasoned Body-Worker and advanced Rolfer™ with over 25 years of experience in structural integration, passive joint release and cranial sacral therapy. He became certified as Rolfer™ and Rolf-Movement™ integration15 years ago and 10 years ago as certified Advanced Rolfer™.He integrates his previous experiences in his Rolfing® work and practices at Longmontrolfing in East-Longmont. His work helps people to increase mobility, flow of movement through their bodies and "feeling-good". Also it reduces stress, pain and tensions. Although regular Rolfing® sessions last 60-75 minutes, good results can be achieved with shorter sessions here at the Fair. 303-774-1375 

Some client feedback: BT writes per email:  Hi Kurt! i'm feeling much better today - i would say about 75% improvement! i was able to sleep most of the night, which was much better than the night before.       ST writes per email:Hey Kurt! I really enjoyed meeting you this weekend, and my right side has felt amazing!

Angelia LaRue is a Certified Master Crystologist and Energy Practitioner. Additionally, Angelia uses knowledge from masters like Nicola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich and previous epochs to make items which produce and circulate subtle energy for those aware of the energy and desire to always have it near them for their health, well-being and evolution of consciousness. Training with Spirit was hands-on field work and she was led across many countries. She worked as a Healer, Animal Whisperer, Plant Whisperer, Crystal Whisperer, Far Seer, Psychic, Remote Viewer and more. Angie discovered that whatever she was asked to do there was access to knowledge concerning it or the ability to bring energy to it and divine it. Angelia will also be doing Psychic Readings and selling her items she hand makes

Stacee Thomas A medical intuitive, empath, channeling medium, animal communicator-therapist, certified Reiko Master-Teacher, Bars practitioner. I have been in touch with angels, guides, spirits, Universal energies since birth. Please allow me to share my knowledge and gifts with you.


  Blair Chandler   Reiki 

  Lauren Braaten, MS OTR/L, Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner, uses craniosacral therapy (CST) as a non-invasive, hands-on therapeutic technique to relieve pain, tension and body dysfunction by releasing restrictions in the tissues and structures of the body and central nervous system, improving whole body health and performance. CST helps with numerous conditions, including asthma, autism, central nervous system disorders, chronic fatigue, chronic neck and back pain, chronic sinus problems, fibromyalgia and other connective tissue disorders, migraine headaches, neurovascular or immune disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, scoliosis, temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ), and emotional dysregulation. 

 Elizabeth Krier -Body Stress Release, or BSR, is a gentle and highly effective health technique aimed at assisting the body to release tension stored in the muscles, facilitating the body’s return to its desired state of being free of negative stress. BSR enhances the body’s self-healing ability, resulting in effectively relieving pain and discomfort that may be caused by stored tension and stress. Tension in the muscles may be undermining your body’s nervous system by compressing the nerves. A lack of nerve communication between the brain and the body disrupts the ability for the body and its systems to function fully. Body Stress Release’s power lies in its simple precision and gentle hands-on touch. While lying down fully clothed, the practitioner uses information provided by your body to determine where it is storing tension which may be undermining your body’s nervous system. Once the sites and patterns of stored stress are established, using a gentle and direct pressure followed by a stimuli or “impulse,” by hand, tension is released in a specific direction. Stored tension may be the cause of many symptoms, physical and emotional, you may be experiencing including:Back pain, Neck pain, Headaches, Sciatica ,Cramps, Anxiety, Depression, Tingling and Numbness, And much more 

 Sandra Herring Reiki- I practice the Usui System of Natural Healing Usui Reiki is a Japanese Relaxation Technique that provides a deep state of relaxation. In this deep state of relaxation, the body’s natural healing abilities can be activated helping to restore the body back to equilibrium or homeostasis. Reiki also helps to remove blocked energy in the body that can lead to other conditions if left to accumulate.  I provide Reiki with the client fully clothed, laying face up on a massage table.  Placing my hands on or just above the body, starting at the head and working down to the feet. Clients then turn over to their back as I move through the various hand positions. Typically, clients report a deep relaxation, heat or tingling from my hands and in the area, I’m working on. Many clients also fall asleep in this relaxed state during a session. Reiki is helpful in reducing symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and stress.  

      Barbara E. Ross LMT Offering Therapeutic Massage Benefits:Massage can provide a place and time for the mind to connect with the body and spirit. Traditional Thai Massage Mat - Fully clothed massage [exercise clothes] Table Thai - creams or oils are used Benefits: Increases circulation Motivates smooth body movements Increases overall energy flow Thai Herbal Ball Massage Herbal Balls are steamed and with rhythmical Motions the therapist compresses the herbs into the Muscles. Benefits: Relives joint and muscle contractions Helps tendons and connective tissue Tok-Sen Vibration therapy using special wooden tools Benefits: Muscle and nervous system relaxation Clears Energy blockages In such a fast-paced world with all its stresses our MINDS are going one way, our BODIES are calling out to us, and our SPIRIT has trouble connecting. What I bring to my clients is my gift to reconnect the MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT through the Holistic healing of Touch, my Presence and the love of what I do. The Present is a gift. To find ourselves there is what I believe restores our Mind, Body, and Spirit to better face what’s in our lives   


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