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Would you like to detox your body and feel better?  More energy, better digestive movement, better cognitive function,

Basic pet panels

Your fur babies need work to, so give your pets some remote sessions

Liver and Kidney work

Does your liver or kidney need extra work? Here is the panels for you

Traumatic Brain Injury

Have you had a traumatic brain injury and need some balancing for you brain? These panels help balance those areas of unbalance.

Emotions out of control

These panels help balance your hormones which equal more happiness and calm in your ife, lots of panels with flower essence , young living oils, hormone and many more panels to help control the emotions

Meridian work

These panels balance your meridians and then layer on flower essence or young living oils on these meridian points

I can customize panels to suit your needs

Addiction Panels

Do you need some help with fighting addictions to anything? These are the panels for you

real testimonial

Deb states that her inflammation is much better and digestion is working better than it has for years after two sessions

real testimonial

Lynn sends back that she has increased money coming her way after a month of money program

February special

special free two weeks of sessions, just email and mention this February special

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remote pricing


these sessions are weekly- 

ran on the Genius     Prices are as follows:  

Quantum Frequencies Basics—1 -30 min remote session a week each week for a month(4 total) $97 month

Quantum Frequencies Basic with additional personal balancing also with export to the Quanta Capsule--the weekly remote sessions with a download to a quanta capsule you put on your phone or tablet and do same treatment all week each day or however many times to want to run the frequencies-then reloaded each week $147.00 month

Quantum Frequencies Upgraded—2-30 min remote sessions each week  $197.00 month

Quantum Frequencies Upgraded with Personal Balancing—2-30 min remote sessions each week $197.00 month 

Quantum Frequencies Personal Balancing—1 export each week to a Quanta Capsule $97.00 month

Quantum Frequencies Family Plan—3-30 min remote sessions each week $197.00 month 

Quantum Frequencies Family Plan with Personal Balancing—3-30 min remote sessions each week and export to a quanta capsule $247.00 month  


Quanta Capsules can be purchased for $49.00 and can be used for all sent sessions-only buy once 

To get a free Quanta capsule sign up/pay for three months of sessions!

I take  zelle, venmo, square payments  -