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 Biofeedback for your pet-Available with Eductor or Genius
I do remote Biofeedback sessions or in house(or barn sessions) , these sessions are 1-1 1/2 hour for the Eductor and 30-40 min on Genius
Quantum Biofeedback allows Penny to energetically communicate with your animal via resonant frequencies coming from your animal to the device(either buy direct hook up to machine or remote session which is with animals info,picture or hair sample or all three).  By seeing this information on what frequencies are out of balance she can check emotions, areas of inflammation, toxicity, food reactions, etc with this technology she then can inform the owner of the various stresses before they develop into bigger health challenges.  With this holistic approach the animal receives energetic frequencies of physical,mental,emotional and spiritual balances and treats the imbalances.  Many health professionals and trainers are using this devise for injury repair, rehabilitation, muscle re-education, stress reduction, and any other area of pain and inflammation. Usually a few sessions are recommended for best results

I need basic information about your pet, you can also send me a picture, and/or a hair sample to test your pet with for the distance or remote sessions.  This is possible because energy seeks to find the vibration that matches it's own.  Space and time are of no consideration and as the matching vibration is located the re-balancing begins.  Being able to scan and balance an animal from anywhere in the world is a unfathomable idea, yet time after time it has been shown to work with great accuracy.  When say a person or animal is born they have a very specific energy about them which makes them truly distinct in the quantum world, called a "biological signature". By having the animals information remote work can find the animal and change the unbalanced frequencies.

PEMF treatments of your pet

PEMF works on animals just the same way as people(read more about PEMF on the "what is PEMF page of my site),animals respond so well to energy work and become very relaxed and will look forward to seeing the practitioner coming each time for treatment.  They use this treatment on race horses to keep them in top performing shape.Injuries on animals in pet hospitals,farms etc.

approx 30 min for PEMF sessions

Scaler Wave Lasers, Hot House can also be used for your pets